Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Move over Beatles, I'm more popular than Jesus now.

And yes, I will do this for a very long time, maybe each follower, but always with a new quibble.

In fact. I am starting a new program. Per new follower, unless otherwise decided, I will be saying something about them/their blog as a reminder that communication: dialogue, is between and within, not without others.

So Connecticut Man1 you first:

He is likely the only other blogger on here who is drinking a beer right......

wait, let me get it......and light a smoke....

Right Now.

Sierra Nevada for me.



alantru said...

Well, you guaranteed I'd laugh -- and you delivered!


Connecticut Man1 said...

My favorites and not in any particular order: Coffee (with or without brandy), chocolate milk and beer. And at this hour on a Friday night? I am very likely having a beer. :)

Utah Savage said...

Okay I know this is a bit obsessive, but I'm worried about you. I mean, it's been days. Once you hook me on your endeavor, if it sounds both news worthy and risky, I worry. So I'm just roaming your blog looking for any sign you've checked in and left bread crumbs.

Anonymous said...

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