Thursday, October 23, 2008

This should just be an add on T.V. that plays over and over again.

Okay. That's It. This takes the cake. Loop it and poop it, all over the American T.V. airwaves.

Now switching subjects, I'd like to talk to my old American friends. I have found a terrorist amongst us. He is a self described big tall hippie, or code word for Terrorist loving, communist rubbing, afghanistostan ass rubbing marxist, otherwise known as my best friend: DAVE.
He's the afghany wanna be up top, but ladies, that is not all this regular love wonder machine has to offer. He is also a gerbal lover. If you to find gerbals incredibly and undeniably permisable lovers, then this is your gerbal mate, but he is taken. His wife is a wonderful woman and nothing bad can ever be said about her, so moving forward. being married and a desicable man himself, Dave has decided to not cheat on his wife with any sexed identity gender of a similar species, but exosppecies wise, the ball (quite leterally as he is one nutted (like a terrorist acorn nut)) is in play.
I truly love this guy with all my being and can't wait to post his gerbal love diaries. Seriously. I can learn photosho for this reason alone. PS: students: this is all true. ALL OF IT!!! The gerbal part is true, ask Richard Geere.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tell Me you think all Arabs are 'Evil Doers' and Teh-ra-rits and that Fuhreners are destroying America. Tell me that you damn republican pig.

This man gave his life, and the woman in here, another darky, gave her man's life.
What did any of the foul mouthed, hate spewing, racist meth head creeps that we have seen at Palin/McCain's racist rally's give to any of us, other than more headaches and problems. I'm a vegetarian, 15 years strong, but I'd take a fucking bite out of these ass's right about now.
Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, a moment of silence for you and yours. May your soul find unfolding in the everness of life.
I better not run into a fucking retard today. Sometimes I wish Obama really was a Muslim, just so the repignant crowd really could have spilled milk to cry over, and then hopefully, some of them would have a heart attack.
Palin's cry for a 'City Upon a Hill' scares the shit/shite out of me. Wasn't that the line used by Puritan witch hunters???? Like back in the 1600's and 1700's and 1800's. Really. Look it up.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Why is the world so Flagged up? Sarah Palin? What gives.... City Upon a Hill? and who builds this city empress?

Thank the constitution's writers that Bush/Dick are out. I can't even continue. I'll see you later.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

From Down With Tyranny

Can McCain Steal The Election?
God knows they're trying-- primarily by disqualifying hundreds of thousands of voters. What does that say about a political party? That their strategy is not to persuade voters that their positions are best for the country, but to disenfranchise them in as many places as they can. Right now, Republicans are doing all they can to prevent as many people from voting in swing states like Colorado, Virginia, New Mexico, and, of course, Ohio. Just as Diageo comes out with a devastating new national poll showing McCain losing more and more ground the more negative his campaign goes, the Supreme Court, in a 9-6 ruling, may have handed McCain's campaign its death blow by throwing out Republican Party attempts to prevent newly registered voters from voting. What a party! The ScotusBlog has the full story:
The Supreme Court on Friday lifted a federal judge’s order that would have required Ohio election officials to set up new procedures to verify voter registration across the state in the weeks before the Nov. 4 balloting. The unsigned (”Per Curiam”) order is here. The order blunts an effort by the Ohio Republican Party to gain access to registration data that would enable it to challenge voters’ eligibility at polling places.The state GOP had complained that the Ohio Secretary of State had violated her duty, under federal election procedures law, to share with county election boards the lists of voters whose names in a voter registration database do not match data in the state’s drivers’ license files. The GOP argued that the secretary of state had put a stop to required efforts to pass along the non-matching data so that local election officials could deal with it. Lack of matches could be the basis for challenges.They won't give up. Cheating is all they have left and this is their livelihood at stake. They will fight and fight and fight and even after they're whipped, they're keep fighting. We must do the same. And we need to keep calling them on their lies and smears and on their hypocrisy. And there is no Republican goon more hypocritical than Gordon Smith (R-OR)-- and I love the way the DSCC highlighted it today:


Once again, a special thanks to

Down With Tyranny

Friday, October 17, 2008

I knew there was a reason I am so incredibly intuitive about people!!!! It's cause I am a reject!!!

Rejection Fosters Intuition
Buzz Up


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Jeanna BrynerSenior jeanna Brynersenior – 2 hrs 33 mins ago
Rejection can make a person more intuitive. New research suggests individuals who have faced the cold shoulder can more easily spot phony people.
The ability to spot a fabricated smile, exhibited by test subjects who had suffered rejection, could be a relic of our past, the researchers said.
"This seems to be a skill we've acquired through evolution," said researcher Michael Bernstein, a doctoral student in social psychology at Miami University in Ohio. "Living in groups several hundreds of years ago was extremely important to survival. Being kicked out of the group was like death, so they became very good at reading facial expressions and social cues."
A similar, albeit perhaps less lethal, threat occurs when you get knocked out of a clique at school or in the office. In fact, past research has shown social exclusion can make a person cold, literally. And another study revealed that loneliness, at least in older adults, is linked with high blood pressure.
"People these days who are rejected are in a dangerous place because of evolutional pressure to find their way back into a group," Bernstein said.

from TRex

“Good Point”
October 16th, 2008 by TRex @ 8:37 pm Posted in 2008 Race 9 Comments »
Now with pie!
My Favorite Moment from Last Night’s Debate
October 16th, 2008 by TRex @ 8:09 am Posted in 2008 Race 3 Comments »
It would have to have been this one.

Good Quote

Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning --Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh yeah!!! Obama and School Tech.

Obama’s new ad strategyPosted by TexBetsy October 14th, 2008

This should get the young folks’ attention!
Obama Targets Battleground States With Video Game AdsTechNewsWorld By Walaika Haskins The Barack Obama presidential campaign has broken ground in a relatively new ad medium: in-game advertising. The candidate has purchased ads that appear as billboards in the Xbox 360 car-racing title “Burnout: Paradise City.
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has taken political advertising into uncharted waters this month. In an advertising first, political ads for the Illinois senator have begun appearing on billboards in “Burnout: Paradise City,” a car-racing video game on the Xbox 360 console.
The game features a multiplayer element in which users can play against each other if they hook their Xbox consoles up to the Internet. When the game is connected to the Web, new advertisements can be placed on billboards that players see as they race through the streets.
Obama’s ad reads “Early voting has begun. Paid for by Obama for President.”

Warning: Post contains sexually explicit content. Do Not Read if you are psychologically, sexually fragile or find topics with sex sinful.

We got the guitar strummin...
Our vibes are humming...

So. Life is going great. I am writing a research paper with my boss on the use of gaming to instruct in biotechnology in a PBL model. I know. Sounds like huh? But its really quite very interesting (say it snooty like, with a British accent. It feels better and will make you smile). This is the tenth step on a gazillion leg journey. I am on. Watch out scholars. The flipster has arrived. Get ready to roll over and get your belly scratched baby.

On another note. I met someone. Months ago. I thought she was SOOOO attractive. I was like: yeah. She had, seemingly, it all. Actually, maybe more than all of it. There was some luggage in the form of a bipedal ape-like hairy beast she called her fiance. He truly seemed like a darling of a man. Sweet, healthy, young, vigorous and always smiling. I hated his guts from the moment I saw him. The worst is that they seemed like a perfect fit. Needless to say, my crush on her stayed at that superficial level (for many other reasons than stipulated here -that's you Missy).

I kept seeing her here and there in town and thinking, ahhh?, you've allready lost three women that you loved, you can lose her like keys to a car you've never even rode in...or on....or in. She can be a friend. Enter painful truth.

Well: one mans junk is another man's soon to be junk... I mean another man's gain, and as life cruelly and often does, I'm hopin to get me some junk from the trunk of life's irony chest, data file E.........

After resigning myself to the fact that the only person that had sparked one of those "the moment I laid eyes on you feelings" within me for a long time, was in fact someone I would never attempt to, let alone actually approach in that fashion, I find myself sitting with said lovely junk in the trunk designee, my lady of Avalon, whose name is remaining stymied due to "I don't want to embarass myself if one of my friends deciphers this code", listening to her explain to me how she is no longer going to get married.

Fireworks and a harp and a heartbeating shifting in posture are all I remember after that. No really: I was sent into a trance like dreamworld state in which all the priorly fantasized yet denied access wishes flooded through to graph themselves in the visual and sensory screen of my mind. Oh, yeah. My mind. F'ing thing always keeps working and "keeping me out of trouble" with ethics and all that crap. Here: see for yourself.

Now, which is worse: the fact that these two (by all accounts) beautiful people's lives have been dramatically altered and fractured in any forseable way in the near future, or that I am totally excited about this. I mean really? I knew I could be less than righteous, but joy over someone's pain. I am a little uneasy about that.

Now to add onto the never ending dilemma that is my mind's continual cognition: is it any less a measure of a man that not only smiles as he explores thematic romance with one so freshly hurt, but is the true insanity in all this, this: I find a girl who on her wedding day (or close to it, like I said, as she explained her days events, I found myself in la-la land dreaming of going on a date with her) ended her relationship? She's either got some Sarah Palin sized balls there, or is a total f'ing nut like Sarah Palin, and either way, I just can't explain liking anything I just compared to Sarah Palin. Uhhh. I am considering deleting the last two sentences b/c they contain embarracuda's name.

Uhhmm. So, like (valley girl accent) what am I suppose to do?

I know: I'll give it time (so she can have her own time too!), and then like, whenever later, when there is a possibility of it working out, I'll meet that girl at the coffee shop that I have a crush on (either one of them), and it will all be okay because by that time, I still won't be able to date anyone because I won't be over my last girl friend and I'll still be too busy working on my master's and potentially my doctorate, so the only love I'll be seeing will be digital, and no you nasty creatures of tech, I mean digital in the traditional corporeal sense.

Eat it Sex in the City and Sarah J. Parker. I'm writing the new dating, or lack thereof columns from now on!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Proms gonna be funny looking! Thanks to Mock Paper Scissors for picking up the hilarity

her small
coming out
her side!!!

You gotta listen to this song!! Latin Flava!!! Political endorsement for Obama.....

As Tengrain says: Prom is going to be a wee bit different this year

How can I get music to play while someone views my blog?

Its all in the title really.....

I can get into this Blog stuff!!

Okay. So far the emphasis for me has not been professional at all, as my personal life takes presidence over what I do. I am initially attempting to try to give this blog "my feel", a digital essence that will create a psychosomatic painting in your brain. I just think all that imagery is insane and I am lovong this digitoreal projection of my Self.

What a word: Self? Why don't we give it its due gramatical accolade and capitalize it. Are we not important enough to our Selves that we have neglected our own Self respect.

Plus think about it: it makes us feel like elves. Case in point: my S-elf, our S-elves. It is super cool.

Okay. I am gonna go find some cool pictures and musak to add to this here Selfixtentialist extension of my mensacorporeal form.

First attempt at video post

dig it!!!!

The WORD is born!

Free the letters.
Free the pen. (keys in this case)
Free the imagery
in your head.

Plant the thought
that lifts us up
Foment its life
With your sacred thought

Sometimes I feel like I can do anything.
With a hole in the bucket my drink still ain't up.
I wanna be there for you
I will be there for you.

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