Thursday, April 30, 2009

Now 6 followers, wait M Fos: that's seven crazy people who need some MrE in their lives.

Well: here we go. First of, I love you all. Seriously, we have shown like 600% increases in readership in the last week and that includes me. I can't wait for the next protest (min, not theirs: it can't always be about correcting stupidity, as much as identifying it). Moving on though, we go to my pledge:

Liberality first: a screen that's not mean, the colors mend scars, blending together to lift us afar.

Why I am happy to have liberality's company on this blog: our definition of liberalism stems from our belief in reflection of ideas and dialogue furthering that reflection. Bend like the reed baby, not the staff.

Also: she says stuff like, Nice to meet you, when properness and civility have been losing face in our nation. We have much to learn from folks that still know what a good hello, goodbye and thank you mean. So thanks Liberality for being civil, as well as cool as shit. have you heard all the toons from her blog/twitter stuff. She's definitely not a "proper" one, though she has refindiness within the freak hippy!, and that's always cool with me, as again, I am all over weird like white on--------- (someone finish that for me).

Next we have Utah Savage:

A lady of green thumb, an archer of eye fun, photography, poems, arts and the like are surely the point in her fine lady dance spikes.

A smoker by trade, a friend to all made, she self describes as the sword with two sides.

A very fine blogger who took this young pup and raised him up. I learned what it was like to help a blogger through the web of the web that made us all friends.

Go read them!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PS to everyone:

How can I sinc my bloglones account (how I follow 40+ blogs) with my blogger account?

Is there a way?

Move over Beatles, I'm more popular than Jesus now.

And yes, I will do this for a very long time, maybe each follower, but always with a new quibble.

In fact. I am starting a new program. Per new follower, unless otherwise decided, I will be saying something about them/their blog as a reminder that communication: dialogue, is between and within, not without others.

So Connecticut Man1 you first:

He is likely the only other blogger on here who is drinking a beer right......

wait, let me get it......and light a smoke....

Right Now.

Sierra Nevada for me.


This one is to everyone I'll ever be there for, sorry if I left you out

This was the first thing I ever webled and I just want to re-post it, well because I got sentimental.

Free the letters.
Free the pen. (keys in this case)
Free the imagery
in your head.

Plant the thought
that lifts us up
Foment its life
With your sacred thought

Sometimes I feel like I can do anything.
With a hole in the bucket my drink still ain't up.
I wanna be there for you
I will be there for you.

adding (on a different day, in a different mood)...

I will be here for me.

I hope we are in the same place.

Additionally: wow, I just really got the impact of writing old stuff and reading it in a different mood. It can help with depression, or make you feel depressed if your not over whatever.

I like reminiscing either way.

So I got this from WTF is it Now, a site suggested to me by Batguano's 'blogs I read'.

I love this. 2/3 of the people over there in America Hater Land Hate American Norm Coleman. I fully fucking don't like the guy.

Has anyone noticed that his pick from 12th grade looks like the dick head guy in Dazed and Confused. The one that gets in fights. I know, it's not that he looks tough, he just looks like that dickhead.

And I do know that looks mean nothing.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I know I am the fourth, but I think I am understanding Republican logic at this point. The important thing is how I look, not the fact that adding myself as a follower is a moot point since, well I am me.

Wow. I'm getting how this works. Let me try again.

"I believe in the theory of Intelligent falling." It's when God wills something to fall. We are all falling towards hell, except for when God's intelligent falling is upping and then we go to heaven, but only if we don't have sex, but allow torture so we can keep our family values."

Wait a fucking minute. This actually hurt my fucking brain to even progress through this logic. I was trying to make a point, but it fucking hurt.

HOW DO THEY DO THIS EVERYDAY? The khannities and limpdoughs and orally's of the world?

But Obama is a Socialist...

I got this from Liberality. Yo que pasa Liberalidad.

Walled-In Pond instructed me to take this and display it and so I shall.
Now you be sure to do the same...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scroll down for the other pictures. I'll get the video up soon.

Full context of my multiple protest is down in the other posts. These are here in preparation for my Crooks and Liars readers that may be coming on over today. Hello all and welcome to Unsloved MrE's Blogstump or whatever the hell it is I called this thing I started last October.

To All:

Peace Love Happiness Forever Everywhere

and finish this sentence in the comments:

I am to "-----" as white is to "--------".

You get an award for being creative/critical/funny/you.

Peace out

My first evaz AWARD on the tubes.

Someone pinch my mosquito bite is this for real? I haz an award and its for poetry/cross dressing. I wolda started this thing way earlier had I known its market (laughter) value.

Mom, Mom, look what the kids at school gave me today! I love this.

Okay, so here we go:

"One of the things I love about this award is the muscularity of it. It has an industrial, workman-like aspect that appeals to me esthetically and politically--it reminds me of my fondness for the labor movement. I love the wage earning working men and women of this world."

-Utah Savage in all her graceful word seeding of respect and wisdom
1. This award is fucking awesome. I will never wipe my ass with this award and will treat it with the same respect that a crazy Palinista has for the flag. It will be revered from my offspring down to the future where we can finally breed with machines and life becomes a cosmic she-bang of 10001110101001.

2. Have I mentioned how UTAH SAVAGE has graced me with this "Fucking Awesome Award".
Go to her blog, she truly writes poetically and with eloquent tenacity. But seriously, it is her kindness that is most deserving of praise. thank You Utah for helping me blogify my life. here is the link to her blog:

3. (Right now, number three is pending availability of time. I will go and find 7 blogs that truly rock that don't need the hits. All I can say so far is that Connecticut Man1:

is one of those blogs.)

4. Again: time. I am in the middle of full time grad school, finals and full time work for the grad school, so these ten will come as promised.

5. Read above.

6. Read my blog for now and you will find out alot about me, but I'll get ten new things down soon.

7. Instructions are included.

These are the rules:
Then the instructions for the 'chosen ones' ;
1.You must brag about the award
2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger
3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. 4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog.
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself.
Then pass it on with the instructions!

Remember, I did not make the rules, I just pass them along.

I am not "receiving" the award until I have done all the rules stuff, at which point I will place the award on my side bar.

Thanks UTAH SAVAGE and here is the link to her again:

New Assignment form Savage Beauty (Utah Savage)

Okay gang (pick your colors and your own gang name and go with it, your all inducted, deputized and un-reverse-hannitized), I have received my marching orders.

Assignment "Marriage for All" is in effect. Again, grab your ass chaps as the fundies are about to huff and puff over in Gainesville Florida.

After recently having lost a battle over gay rights in Gainesville, Florida (I am a person, not a gator), the religious right around here (with the help of the Mormon church) is in a tizzy that had some stoking of its fire when the Tea Party came to town. That Tea Party was properly protested and now a new assignment has emerged.

As with most of my street performance, a costume will be involved. I'm thinking (upon Utah Savages advice) that the costume in question will be a WEDDING DRESS. How you ask: well I don't know, but I know I can get one.

My worry is this: where do I go....... Okay so a church it is, but which one? Okay how about Rock Ministries. The name says it all, and those deusche (spelling please, I never use this word) bags over there are horridly rich off donations from their goon squad. They go against everything the bible says about money, idolatry and worldly possessions, and I am sure they are Teh Gay Haters. (PS: I don't believe the bible, but they do and don't follow it).

So I have the place and the time (anytime is good, I just have to make it to the church services).
Now I need a good sign (help) and legalization of marijuana so I can do this baked.

When is mother's day? Maybe my sign can say, "But mom what I really want for Christmas is you to let me get married?"

Or we can just go with "Jesus Loves me. I am the prostitute in the Bible". If we go with this then maybe the teddy would be best.

I don't know but I am posting this because I needz your help on some creativity. I am positive I can get some friends to help me and in fact I am thinking if my friend Ivy will, we can dress her up in my tuxedo (I bought that one for going to court-and it worked well-I got let off because I magiced them and they never saw my record and let me go scott free because all they saw was a guy in a fancy suit-its sad, all the black guys went to jail that day for the same thing-pot). That way it can be like totally mind fucking to them that its a guy and a girl, just not THEIR version of a guy and a girl.

The other issue is this: You know how they say that if gays are allowed to get married then we as a society are gonna start having animal sex? Well I think they might have a point because I want to take this where the tea bagging thing went-to planet wingzarro. My idea is to wear the wedding dress (the wedding dress is in this one Utah, don't worry) with a sign that says, "Now that a Gay in "fill in blank" can get married, can I biblically take my pet donkey for a lover", or something along those lines. This is where I am really counting on you all: is this over the edge? Am I feeding a fire that may back fire, or is this the kind of ridiculousness that we should mock?

Balls in, all the way......

Your Court.

Monday, April 20, 2009

READ ME READ ME READ ME....and comment please.

I've seen life and I've seen death
Lived the worst and died the best
From all I've seen of light and dark
How can I tell the right from wrong?
My greatest fear is to just let go
of all I fear and all I know.

Behind the illusion I see with my good eye
Is a world where laughter is often cried
The gentle cries are duly laughed
behind a shame of sorrowed craft.

I can't tell anymore who to trust

Not myself around you, I'm full of lust
Not the bankers with our money, they're a greedy bunch
Not the government with laws, they live injustice
Not the preacher with their culture wars, hypocrits
Not the father with his child,
Not the mother hiding false smiles,
So for now I'll trust in me
So for now I'll be, just be
My own role Model.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blogging is Like Tobacco

This is my blogging timeline:

Start blogging, blog a bunch, get busy with other stuff, stop blogging, have something of self value to display, blog more, blog a bunch, get busy with other stuff, stop blogging. It's like the seasons where there are different times for different fruits to grow. Right now, I think...I think bananas and blueberries are in season. Feel the breeze.....

So... I put up some pictures that are sure to turn heads. That got me wanting to blog again, then I saw that I now have 3! subscribers and I felt I had to blog just.... something .....for my neglected readership. So here we go yo.....Grab your ass chaps cause its about to get pretty in here!

PS: Nicola, if you are reading this, then you have seen the pictures. Only show to faculty that will not freak out and give me some kinda mind shit freak out. Better yet, keep it away from the faculty. I'll be showing some, select ones only.


Okay, lets get back to business. Lets write about..............................................................................................

I joined a dating site. Lets go ahead and write about that since this is suppose to be some kind of public diary, pressure release valve and photo-journal for my memoirs.

Umhhhh. Tic-toc-tic-toc. (Do those toc's have k's?)

Okay. It's weird. A web based dating site is weird- to me -because I am such a personal kind of person. Everything I do- even crappy things (like paying my GRU bill) are all based on interactions with human beings. I go out at a bar and feel like I meet someone new (a friends friend usually) all the time, and I don't mean women, I mean peeps. I've started really taking on a role of interacting with many people lately in my life (it started when I had to step in front of the classroom for the first time and be the leader-can't be too shy in front of kids cause they'll eat you as they laugh at how easy it is to chew you up) and maybe this dating site thing is a new extension of that. Who knows, all I know is that I think its weird, but I'm all over weird like white on republicans.

Put it like this: Its a new experience, and I'm all about new experiences. I'll jump out of a plane, I'll wear drag in front of fundies, I'll streak ...well, anywhere I won't get caught, I'll participate in civil disobedience for the right cause, I'll bartend naked on my birthdays, I'll give prostitutes rides just because, why not?, they need a ride home like everyone else and modeling behavior is the way to teach, heck I've even gone to church with past girlfriends parents for crying out loud! If I can do all these things and feel like I am better of for having done them, then whats so wrong with doing a little web-dating site searching?

As I was reviewing my writing (I abhor that I don't just go with the first draft, but I am an establishment monkey when it comes to proofreading) I realized why I think I went to the date site reality.

Last year was the first year in the last 12 years that I was not in some kind of long term relationship or in between one (a year in between each major relationship for a total of 3 in 12 years for those keeping tabs).

So the last year I've been single. It's been rough, but like..whatever, its been fucking great!
I am the most adulty I've ever been (that is sad because I am soooo not grown up) and have things going really well for me. Life is good. I'm older, but it's never been easier to meet someone if I go out, particularly because I am back in school and not teaching (a reality that made it quite difficult to ever end up going out). I go out and play music and do magic, and study, and these things seem to attract girls. And honestly, they have. I have never "dated", or gone out on dates more than I have in the past year, ever.... So I find myself asking, "What the fuck are you doing going on a web dating site?"...Seriously.

Well, maybe the problem is that everyone I've dated has not worked out, and there is no common thread holding them all together (or is there?).

I think the girls I've dated where awesome, but they weren't....well....they weren't girls I saw myself falling in love with. Or kinda, but not with everything I wanted in a girl. You know? I hate to compare, but I think I did. Two of them were really young too (but cool as shit): 21 and 23. I mean, I know I'm suppose to (according to guy ball/brain theory) love that shit, but no....21 and 23 is young for me now. They are suppose to do things 21 and 23 year olds do, while I'm doing what I do (intellectually astute and mature 12 year old behavior).

Anyways, even for any success (and good, sweet, beautiful times I had), in the end, I wanted to find something, well that fit better, felt better, and gave me that wake up in the morning arms around the girl you love kinda feeling.

Will a web based dating site do that for me? Not at all, but a beautiful person I meet through it might. Plus I get to knock out anyone that doesn't have progressive views (by that I mean views that change when relevant information prompts new thought). And I get to knock out people that are to straight minded (usually, they knock me out of their ranking, but it is a really efficient system, and bless em, I'd rather they do that than me).

Okay, now I am going to come up with a sound bite name for web based dating sites.


Enrich Experiences

So we can call it the horny site, but only if you are a member. Any non-members do not get to make fun of members.

Oh...PS: should I put the drag picture up on the dating site, or will I never get a response?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Someone else took this one and one of my doctorate friends calls me up and is like: dude, are you in drag on the internet. That when I knew I might be famous.

My favorite was the 3 older (60 and up) ladies who asked me if they could get my picture. They made my day when one of them said "Nice legs".

Protesting the Teabaggers

Just remember folks, these are the people that said if Amendment 1 didnt pass, gays were going to go to little girls bathrooms and be "Teh Gay" with them. Flat out lie.

So in stead of getting angry, I participated in my first ever (and I couldn't get anyone to join me) performance protest.

You all want to know what is really crazy? I had at least 3 very attractive girls approach me and start flirting with me because of the way I was dressed. Of course, I was to busy thinking about my performance art to do anything (ok, that's a lie, I was way to shy to actually be engaged in flirting, regardless of whether or not I was in drag).

But here you go you all. Video will be up and coming soon.

The signs read: "Free Teabagging", with a tea bag on an elephants head, and "Support the troops, Pay taxes" (as this was a juggernaut hurled at us liberals for the last 8 years, I thought I'd show them the plank in their eye.... well you know what I'm referencing)...

Anyways, one of the best days so far this year! (PS: no one tell my mom or dad, they would really maybe have a heart attack).

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