Sunday, July 25, 2010

So, jenny was mock reading my palm and she says, "Felipe, your gonna have a lot of sex and a long life." Wait....your going to jail soon...

I thought it was pretty good.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello Crazy People

If you are here, then it is because, well, you have decided to take the pill, and these are the effects.

Shout Out!

Just getting blogging again, so if any of my old folks are still around, hello, and its good to 'be back'.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

I hate us too....

When ever a wingnut says:

"They hate us for our freedoms"

Just remember, I hate them for their free-dumbs also.

And I hate their expensive dumbs too, like war, festering health care, pestilent social policy (read African Amer---uh, blacks, lati----browns and other placed at risk groups.

What about their economic dumbs? Lets not forget how much that cost us.

Your freedom. Dick weed, we don't have freedom, not me or even you: I can't smoke weed legally and when is the last time you could shoot someone for hitting on your wife or looking "cross funny".

Friday, June 12, 2009

Okay everyone, here's the setup:

1. Text, then
2. photo of the text.

Love to all.

I got this one from Islands of adventure. Made a cutting
and stuffed it in with the other 20 or so cuttings I collected.
Here's the question: is this stealing?

Persimmon Tree. Can't wait.

One of two figs. I am vegetarian (15+ years, but I see myself
wanting to shoot the squirrels (I don't know what with) if they
think about going for em. Seriously.

Cherry of the Rio Grande. Had some blossoms, so
I should get some fruit.

Another Cherry of the Rio Grande.

Baby tomatoes. They are now longer than I when stretched out.
Salsa, sauce, etc.

Tomatoes, Blueberries and Eggplants. I saw a bumble bee
humping the explant yesterday and it made me think about
bar crushes. Your drunk of sweet honey and you see something you
really like and your like: "Your the one" and it just so happens that
when you see that what you had really isn't what you wanted (there
is another sweet fruit for you just over there) it turns out your nectar
is dry, the flower wasn't really all that attractive and by golly in fact
you just had inter-species sex with a plant that looked like a bee,
but was a dying flower, spruced up ever so magnificently just for that
one moment of orgiastic freedom: using you as a tool to get what they

And this my friends is why I never hump flowers or girls that pretend
they are something that they are not.

Oh, the eggplant is huge by the way.

Aguacate. Water-whatever cate means (not spanish as far as I know).

Avocado! One of three trees slated to produce in next 2-3 years. Hardy
up to like 25 C or something. One of my babies.

These are the oyster logs.

Jasmine covered shed. I always wanted one of these!
Now I am trying to get this stuff to grow along the side of
the house and along the front:

1. Shade from the summer (heat)
2. Looks like I'm rich! and feels like it too!

A second shot cause thesy'ze so nice! The smell
is just beautiful. I wish I could extend the month long
flowering season for this plant, but I actually love
em no matter.

I am forgetting the name of these types- wait iris I
believe. I've got a walkway outside that is lined
with these and lemon marigolds. Love it.

This one is a calla lily I think. Someone tell me
if I am wrong.

Dos gardenias para tu amor. Anyone remember that from
Buena Vista Social Club? beautiful song. One of three gardenias
here. I need more sun!

Over emphasis on the jasmine, but really this is about the
Mad Scientist face I see in this image? Anyone else see it?

Same one from the Island of Adventure field trip with the
kiddies. (I am a teacher new comers, not a parent. The
difference is in the length of suffering.) Smile, my humor
is one reason why my kids love me.

Coming around the bend at the back of the house.
I hate fences, but I actually like the one around my house.
My neighbors are both quite unneighborly and the fence
allows for quiet reflection and naked walking.

Yellow shrimp plants. Only one specimen, but I love it.
They need more sun to plentifully reproduce.

A type of lily, the roots on this bad boy are edible and the flowers
Beautiful. In that little pod is the seed, which I will spread
all over my yard!

This is Suriname spinach. It is not quite as edible as I first tasted,
well at least in salads, but is wonderful in soups! And grows much
easier and hardier than spinach spinach.

Another iris (I think?)

The blueberries. THE BLUEBERRIES.
Three weeks I ate four to ten berries a day.
I think I remember waking up early those three weeks.
No okay, not early, just staying up late to get em in the
sunrise when they are juiciest and cool.

Some kinda pretty colored foliage. I forget the name.
Another cheap plant bought that was gong to be thrown away
for not being ritzy enough. 10 cents a pop.

I think this is lavender. Love the purple blue. LOVE IT.

Fire cracker plant or another kinda sage?
Can't remember. But pretty flowers. This one runs
over the yard if your not careful.

Onion bloom. The seeds are super small tips of each filament
shooting up in the air.

Phallic comment? Anyone?
If I was a art photographer I'd call it:

"Flying Sperm Dolphin"

?????? But its pertty. Its a left over from the previous

Rose blossom. Im getting tired of doing this typing thing.

Iris. i love how flowers look like bugs. It's so

EVOLUTION. And the beauty of the art of life can be seen in
their comparisons.

Rose bud.

Trumpet man. Trumpet. Don't worry. It doesn't work and can't
be salvaged, so it makes a nice lawn ornament.

Love this flower. I see her once a year and never tell my lovers,
though I believe that they see her too.

Fire cracker cactussy plant. This really was such a ceautiful bloom.

The walkway up to the house. Put in by yours truly. First
one ever.

Bananas. they might just produce this year.

Here is a nice little shot. Looks biggish no?
Check out the pinky for perspective.

bam. Real life hits you this hard sometimes too,
we just gotta smile and know something sweet is
coming either way.

Pineapples tomatoes and beans, and two avocado trees on
the sides of the photo.

The tomatoes around now. They hit my nipples (stop it)
and when pulled reach over me. The first vines are coming now.
On the right hand side you see the other fig tree, and behind it
there are two of the 12 guava trees.

The front street edge of the house.
Two rosemary's
A bunch of oregano,
Two larger angel trumpets, a plumbago, queen's palm,
four guavas, onions, eggplants and tons of flowers. man
I am tired of typing!!

Some pepper plants (yellow, foreground) and the front yard.
Its hard to decipher the peppers, the ochuas (a south american sweet fruit
that is reminiscent of a lime rasberry tomato), the tomatoes, the figs, etc.)

Okay, this morning, I go out and I see one of my
tomato plants is missing all of its leaves. I look and see
a caterpillar the size of my finger (bigger really)
just jabba the hutting it on my plant.
I truly do feel remorse abou the green ones death,
but well.....Maybe next time I'll just move him far away.

Pink Mums.

This was the eggplant flower that the bee was on.

My fist big vine.

Mums the word.

Peace out!

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