Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blogging is Like Tobacco

This is my blogging timeline:

Start blogging, blog a bunch, get busy with other stuff, stop blogging, have something of self value to display, blog more, blog a bunch, get busy with other stuff, stop blogging. It's like the seasons where there are different times for different fruits to grow. Right now, I think...I think bananas and blueberries are in season. Feel the breeze.....

So... I put up some pictures that are sure to turn heads. That got me wanting to blog again, then I saw that I now have 3! subscribers and I felt I had to blog just.... something .....for my neglected readership. So here we go yo.....Grab your ass chaps cause its about to get pretty in here!

PS: Nicola, if you are reading this, then you have seen the pictures. Only show to faculty that will not freak out and give me some kinda mind shit freak out. Better yet, keep it away from the faculty. I'll be showing some, select ones only.


Okay, lets get back to business. Lets write about..............................................................................................

I joined a dating site. Lets go ahead and write about that since this is suppose to be some kind of public diary, pressure release valve and photo-journal for my memoirs.

Umhhhh. Tic-toc-tic-toc. (Do those toc's have k's?)

Okay. It's weird. A web based dating site is weird- to me -because I am such a personal kind of person. Everything I do- even crappy things (like paying my GRU bill) are all based on interactions with human beings. I go out at a bar and feel like I meet someone new (a friends friend usually) all the time, and I don't mean women, I mean peeps. I've started really taking on a role of interacting with many people lately in my life (it started when I had to step in front of the classroom for the first time and be the leader-can't be too shy in front of kids cause they'll eat you as they laugh at how easy it is to chew you up) and maybe this dating site thing is a new extension of that. Who knows, all I know is that I think its weird, but I'm all over weird like white on republicans.

Put it like this: Its a new experience, and I'm all about new experiences. I'll jump out of a plane, I'll wear drag in front of fundies, I'll streak ...well, anywhere I won't get caught, I'll participate in civil disobedience for the right cause, I'll bartend naked on my birthdays, I'll give prostitutes rides just because, why not?, they need a ride home like everyone else and modeling behavior is the way to teach, heck I've even gone to church with past girlfriends parents for crying out loud! If I can do all these things and feel like I am better of for having done them, then whats so wrong with doing a little web-dating site searching?

As I was reviewing my writing (I abhor that I don't just go with the first draft, but I am an establishment monkey when it comes to proofreading) I realized why I think I went to the date site reality.

Last year was the first year in the last 12 years that I was not in some kind of long term relationship or in between one (a year in between each major relationship for a total of 3 in 12 years for those keeping tabs).

So the last year I've been single. It's been rough, but like..whatever, its been fucking great!
I am the most adulty I've ever been (that is sad because I am soooo not grown up) and have things going really well for me. Life is good. I'm older, but it's never been easier to meet someone if I go out, particularly because I am back in school and not teaching (a reality that made it quite difficult to ever end up going out). I go out and play music and do magic, and study, and these things seem to attract girls. And honestly, they have. I have never "dated", or gone out on dates more than I have in the past year, ever.... So I find myself asking, "What the fuck are you doing going on a web dating site?"...Seriously.

Well, maybe the problem is that everyone I've dated has not worked out, and there is no common thread holding them all together (or is there?).

I think the girls I've dated where awesome, but they weren't....well....they weren't girls I saw myself falling in love with. Or kinda, but not with everything I wanted in a girl. You know? I hate to compare, but I think I did. Two of them were really young too (but cool as shit): 21 and 23. I mean, I know I'm suppose to (according to guy ball/brain theory) love that shit, but no....21 and 23 is young for me now. They are suppose to do things 21 and 23 year olds do, while I'm doing what I do (intellectually astute and mature 12 year old behavior).

Anyways, even for any success (and good, sweet, beautiful times I had), in the end, I wanted to find something, well that fit better, felt better, and gave me that wake up in the morning arms around the girl you love kinda feeling.

Will a web based dating site do that for me? Not at all, but a beautiful person I meet through it might. Plus I get to knock out anyone that doesn't have progressive views (by that I mean views that change when relevant information prompts new thought). And I get to knock out people that are to straight minded (usually, they knock me out of their ranking, but it is a really efficient system, and bless em, I'd rather they do that than me).

Okay, now I am going to come up with a sound bite name for web based dating sites.


Enrich Experiences

So we can call it the horny site, but only if you are a member. Any non-members do not get to make fun of members.

Oh...PS: should I put the drag picture up on the dating site, or will I never get a response?


Utah Savage said...

You are a very interesting man. And as a smoker I can attest to the fact that blogging is like tobacco.

Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

My parents would be so proud to hear someone describe me as a man!

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