Friday, April 17, 2009

Protesting the Teabaggers

Just remember folks, these are the people that said if Amendment 1 didnt pass, gays were going to go to little girls bathrooms and be "Teh Gay" with them. Flat out lie.

So in stead of getting angry, I participated in my first ever (and I couldn't get anyone to join me) performance protest.

You all want to know what is really crazy? I had at least 3 very attractive girls approach me and start flirting with me because of the way I was dressed. Of course, I was to busy thinking about my performance art to do anything (ok, that's a lie, I was way to shy to actually be engaged in flirting, regardless of whether or not I was in drag).

But here you go you all. Video will be up and coming soon.

The signs read: "Free Teabagging", with a tea bag on an elephants head, and "Support the troops, Pay taxes" (as this was a juggernaut hurled at us liberals for the last 8 years, I thought I'd show them the plank in their eye.... well you know what I'm referencing)...

Anyways, one of the best days so far this year! (PS: no one tell my mom or dad, they would really maybe have a heart attack).

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