Thursday, October 23, 2008

This should just be an add on T.V. that plays over and over again.

Okay. That's It. This takes the cake. Loop it and poop it, all over the American T.V. airwaves.

Now switching subjects, I'd like to talk to my old American friends. I have found a terrorist amongst us. He is a self described big tall hippie, or code word for Terrorist loving, communist rubbing, afghanistostan ass rubbing marxist, otherwise known as my best friend: DAVE.
He's the afghany wanna be up top, but ladies, that is not all this regular love wonder machine has to offer. He is also a gerbal lover. If you to find gerbals incredibly and undeniably permisable lovers, then this is your gerbal mate, but he is taken. His wife is a wonderful woman and nothing bad can ever be said about her, so moving forward. being married and a desicable man himself, Dave has decided to not cheat on his wife with any sexed identity gender of a similar species, but exosppecies wise, the ball (quite leterally as he is one nutted (like a terrorist acorn nut)) is in play.
I truly love this guy with all my being and can't wait to post his gerbal love diaries. Seriously. I can learn photosho for this reason alone. PS: students: this is all true. ALL OF IT!!! The gerbal part is true, ask Richard Geere.

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UF student said...

Your blog is really exciting. I probably never would have looked at it if we hadn't had to for class but I think it is really thought provoking. I am very pleased that I visited and read your blog. :) Have a great day!

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