Monday, October 13, 2008

I can get into this Blog stuff!!

Okay. So far the emphasis for me has not been professional at all, as my personal life takes presidence over what I do. I am initially attempting to try to give this blog "my feel", a digital essence that will create a psychosomatic painting in your brain. I just think all that imagery is insane and I am lovong this digitoreal projection of my Self.

What a word: Self? Why don't we give it its due gramatical accolade and capitalize it. Are we not important enough to our Selves that we have neglected our own Self respect.

Plus think about it: it makes us feel like elves. Case in point: my S-elf, our S-elves. It is super cool.

Okay. I am gonna go find some cool pictures and musak to add to this here Selfixtentialist extension of my mensacorporeal form.

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