Friday, October 17, 2008

I knew there was a reason I am so incredibly intuitive about people!!!! It's cause I am a reject!!!

Rejection Fosters Intuition
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Jeanna BrynerSenior jeanna Brynersenior – 2 hrs 33 mins ago
Rejection can make a person more intuitive. New research suggests individuals who have faced the cold shoulder can more easily spot phony people.
The ability to spot a fabricated smile, exhibited by test subjects who had suffered rejection, could be a relic of our past, the researchers said.
"This seems to be a skill we've acquired through evolution," said researcher Michael Bernstein, a doctoral student in social psychology at Miami University in Ohio. "Living in groups several hundreds of years ago was extremely important to survival. Being kicked out of the group was like death, so they became very good at reading facial expressions and social cues."
A similar, albeit perhaps less lethal, threat occurs when you get knocked out of a clique at school or in the office. In fact, past research has shown social exclusion can make a person cold, literally. And another study revealed that loneliness, at least in older adults, is linked with high blood pressure.
"People these days who are rejected are in a dangerous place because of evolutional pressure to find their way back into a group," Bernstein said.

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