Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh yeah!!! Obama and School Tech.

Obama’s new ad strategyPosted by TexBetsy October 14th, 2008

This should get the young folks’ attention!
Obama Targets Battleground States With Video Game AdsTechNewsWorld By Walaika Haskins The Barack Obama presidential campaign has broken ground in a relatively new ad medium: in-game advertising. The candidate has purchased ads that appear as billboards in the Xbox 360 car-racing title “Burnout: Paradise City.
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has taken political advertising into uncharted waters this month. In an advertising first, political ads for the Illinois senator have begun appearing on billboards in “Burnout: Paradise City,” a car-racing video game on the Xbox 360 console.
The game features a multiplayer element in which users can play against each other if they hook their Xbox consoles up to the Internet. When the game is connected to the Web, new advertisements can be placed on billboards that players see as they race through the streets.
Obama’s ad reads “Early voting has begun. Paid for by Obama for President.”

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