Monday, October 20, 2008

Tell Me you think all Arabs are 'Evil Doers' and Teh-ra-rits and that Fuhreners are destroying America. Tell me that you damn republican pig.

This man gave his life, and the woman in here, another darky, gave her man's life.
What did any of the foul mouthed, hate spewing, racist meth head creeps that we have seen at Palin/McCain's racist rally's give to any of us, other than more headaches and problems. I'm a vegetarian, 15 years strong, but I'd take a fucking bite out of these ass's right about now.
Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, a moment of silence for you and yours. May your soul find unfolding in the everness of life.
I better not run into a fucking retard today. Sometimes I wish Obama really was a Muslim, just so the repignant crowd really could have spilled milk to cry over, and then hopefully, some of them would have a heart attack.
Palin's cry for a 'City Upon a Hill' scares the shit/shite out of me. Wasn't that the line used by Puritan witch hunters???? Like back in the 1600's and 1700's and 1800's. Really. Look it up.

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