Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm back

I started really smoking (not that fake pick up my father's old cigarette smoking) when I was fifteen. After the hooker, after the booze and before the weed. I hope when I run for office the people reading this can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm just honest and pragmatic in my honesty. Plus Joan Walsh said pragmatic and I like the word. Anyways, fifteen. I remember making a calculation and telling myself that if I ever smoked past the age of 30, I would have smoked for more than half my life. I am 30 and a half.

The word was born,
the seed has fruited,
the bed is made,
my mind not diluted.
I am strong,
The smoke is weak,
I'll fuck it in the ass
week after week. (clearly this is a side effect of the other narcotics that I am on to cope with my other addictions).

Okay, so seriously. I made it. I have been off the ash and hooch for 5 days bitches!!!!

best part (except for my health) is that I texted every woman I knew and asked them to give me a reason for quiting (along attractiveness lines) and boy do I have some funny as shit friends:

here are the highlights:
1. From a smoker: Its a dirty nasty unhealthy habit. If u don'tcare about ur body how u gona care about ours?
2. Intercourse with a smoker is way lame.
3. Batman didn't smoke (I love Batman)
4. Another smoker: Felipe, I am roud of you! It is gross, smelly, kils you and expensive. Day 4 has always been the hardest for me. After my b-day in a few weeks, Im quitting for good!
5. From an ex: I can't tell you it's unattractive but I can tell u it will improve your sexual performance.
6. After saying: Yoo back off, I still smoke: Lol. Your doing a wonderful thing and I just wish I had the wil to do it too. I'm very proud of you;). Keep up the good work.
7. From an ex: Kissing a smoker is ike icking an ashtray.
8. From an onine crush that never met me: yo Feipe youre too sexy to smoke. Stay hot, and stay away from the smoke:) I'm proud of you!
9. And one text in a hot voice saying its so sexy that I don't smoke anymore, etc, etc.

I love you all and I just wanted to share, cause this is some funny ass shit.

Updates as they happen.

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