Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here are a series of pictures from my garden home: PS! Get of my fucking Lawn everyone thats not naked!

as promised, more house/yard/plant pics for everyone.

Japanese Magnolia. This tree blooms in the winter
and is a signal that it is time to start your seedlings,
as the sun is rising overhead. Plus its the prettiest
thing in the yard for about three days.

So this phallicy flower is the first stage of of the
flower seen in the next few slides. I just wanted to show the
different stages and the transformation this flower takes.

The front steps. Likely my favoritest place on site.

Angels trumpet. I love em, they are just beautiful!!!

Deadly or hallucinogenic? I personally will probably
never find out. Anyways, who says something can't be both?
Look for the Piccadilly or piccolo or whatever their name is up in the tree.

I don't think there is anything 'wrong' with me. Specially
not for seeing this as an incredibly suggestive and sexually
provocateurish photo. Either that or I have a small penis and
I am overcompensating with this really large flowgina.

Okay. I am weird. And average.

Those are golden cherries. Tomato sauce in
a month and a half.

Mums the word. I got like a hundred different
Mums from Lowe's for 10 cents a piece because the
plants were dead (lo and behold the beauty of death.)

I know this looks like nothing (and I-phone images suck my I-pecker)
but these are ground cherry flowers! MFground cherries!

Relax...You can all share me at once....

I took a cutting of this plant from Island of Adventures on a class field trip.
Threw the cutting (along with like 25 others) in a 2 liter with water, and viola!

Is that stealing?

These plants have an edible root. I'll let you know. Related to
Cala Lilies.

Mushroom Logs, I think these are oyster...Not doing so well.
Shitake soon.



Fire pit, broken green house (tree limb crushed it)
and a cold plunge.

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